Rider Dunas Flip Flops

Rider Black dunas size 10
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Rider Dunas Flip Flops

Get them while you can; they're one of our best selling styles.

It's the perfect, every day flip flop. Laid Back. Casual. Reliable. Whether you're out and about, relaxing at home or hanging out with friends these shoes never have to leave your feet.

Features the famous Rider logo on the strap.

They also feature a material toe post that's soft, comfortable and won't irritate your foot.

If you prefer the softer feel of a canvas toe post and strap compared to a plastic finish, then these are the flip flops for you. They're made from a soft and comfortable canvas material.

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Rider Black Dunas size 8
Exactly what my son in law needs for Christmas look comfortable
Style: Flip Flops
Features: Beach Walking Popularity: 432.374